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The Newpart Cover

“The Newpart” Pre-Orders Now Available

In celebration of April’s milestone 10th recording, we are offering a pre-order celebration sale! You’ll get your copy of the new release before anyone else…


What does “The Newpart” mean?

If you’re wondering about the title of April’s release, and what it means to her…take a video trip inside “The Newpart” here!

Solo lights

March Tour!

We just have one month before the release of Newpart, leaving us just enough time to fit in a few more shows. From OH to Vancouver, to WA and all the way up to AK, we’re catching up with as many people as we can. Find all the details on our Tour Page and come out and join the fun – let’s make March one big fiddle party!

Ottawa Valley Stepdancing, Vol. 1

Ottawa Valley Stepdancing, Volume 1

Get your dancing shoes on! Now you can download or order a physical copy of “Ottawa Valley Stepdancing with April Verch” and let her teach you the basics! It’s fun, it’s exercise, and you’ll know all the moves!


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