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Just as the weather is heating up, so is The April Verch Band’s tour! Join April and the boys for live music in NC and TN that is distinctively AVB: the perfect combination of acoustic instrumentation, tight harmonies and rhythmic steppin’. There are tour dates literally all over the globe this summer so keep an eye on their tour page to see where they’re bringing their music next.

Ottawa Valley Stepdancing, Vol. 1

Ottawa Valley Stepdancing, Volume 1

Get your dancing shoes on! Now you can download or order a physical copy of “Ottawa Valley Stepdancing with April Verch” and let her teach you the basics! It’s fun, it’s exercise, and you’ll know all the moves!


April Verch speaks about her WOMEX Showcase Experience

In October 2013, The April Verch Band had the distinct honour of being chosen to showcase at WOMEX in Cardiff, Wales.  In this video, for the Canada Council for the Arts, April speaks about her experience, before, during and after the showcase.

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World Premiere of “Broken” Music Video

View our music video for the first single from our upcoming release “Bright Like Gold” (April 2, 2013) here!


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