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Here’s what they have to say!

Clippings 2015

Here’s what the media is saying about April, the band, and her latest release, The Newpart!

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Clippings 2014

Here’s what the media is saying about AVB in 2014!

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Clippings 2013

What folks are saying about “Bright Like Gold” and the AVB!

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Listen to the AVB on the Radio & Web!

In case you missed it, or just need a little AVB fix, here are a few archived radio appearances you can enjoy right now – from the comfort of your room of choice on your device of choice!

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Clippings 2012

Here’s what the media had to say in 2012!

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Audience comments from China Tour!

A few comments about the AVB found online from Chinese audience members!

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Clippings 2011

Reviews and articles on the AVB’s concerts & new release!

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April’s hometown is proud!

Read local press as part of this weekend’s festivities at the Pembroke Fiddle & Stepdance Championships.

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ooooohhhh, awwwww

April’s a cover girl!

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Clippings 2010

Stepdancing and Saskatoon/ BY Michael Lohr, Spring 2010 Issue Click the below to read April’s feature article in Celtic Life Magazine! April Verch – Celtic Life Magazine – Spring 2010 Issue Gazette, Cedar Rapids, IA/ BY DIANA NOLLEN, April 7, 2010 April Verch blends country and Celtic with artistry flying off her fiddling bow and reedy, […]

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Clippings 2009

Sing Out! – CD Review / By Mike Regenstreif, May 2009 Verch’s reputation in the folk and roots music world was initially as a world-class fiddler, specializing in the music of the Ottawa Valley, who also drew all kinds of folk, Celtic, bluegrass and even international influences into her playing. In recent years, she has […]

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Clippings 2008

She sings, dances, plays the fiddle… / by Courtney Devores – Charlotte Observer, November 16, 2008 April Verch is no one-trick pony. Her many YouTube clips bear witness to the Canadian fiddler’s high-energy performances, which combine her singing with award-winning fiddling and step dancing. Verch’s shows come to a head as she leaps into fiddling […]

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Clippings 2007

Global Rhythm Review / by Rob Weir, December 12, 2007 Ottawa, Canada’s cosmopolitan capital, doesn’t exactly evoke rural life in the average person’s mind, but April Verch hails from the upriver Ottawa Valley, a region of farms and timberlands, not retail and politics. When Verch sings sweet country-laced songs or fiddles serious hoedown tunes, it’s […]

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