single recording

2001 / Rounder Records

April’s debut release for Rounder Records  was recorded in Toronto, Ontario and produced by Paul Mills.


  1. William Gagnon
  2. Ross’ Reel No. 4
  3. Britany
  4. Fire When Ready
  5. Traditional Reel Medley: Trip to Windsor/Back Up and Push/Dusty Miller/Woodchoppers Breakdown
  6. 6/8 du Petit Sarny/Marche de Thomas Pomerleau /Reel Andre Alain
  7. Diabinho Malucco
  8. Eldon and Ethel
  9. Massif Central
  10. Lost Boy
  11. Marry Me
  12. Thomas Reel
  13. Le Bedeau de l’Enfer/La Contredanse à Pitou/Reel de la Broue
  14. Tribute to the Townsends: Ridgeway Merchant/Road to Lake Dore/Gilles Roy/Donnie Gilchrist’s Breakdown
  15. The Old Rugged Cross