April Verch

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Quick howdy from the road…

Hey everyone!

We are having a great time out here on the road.  We’ve been in Minneapolis for the last few days – in fact we’ve been here a lot this year and we love it!  We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather and the leaves are JUST starting to turn colour.  We even had some snazzy (well we hope they will be we haven’t seen them yet!) band photos taken yesterday by the talented Minneapolis based photographer, Jeff Isle.  We are mailing off our travel grant request for our 2011 China tour tomorrow – big weight off our shoulders!  Then heading to Indianapolis to do a showcase at Arts Midwest.  Then back to Chicago for our gig at Fitzgerald’s.  Lots of planning to do for the October/November tours but it’s all under way and we are on top of it – at least that’s the way it feels today!  And you have to like that feeling when it comes…  Yay us!!!!!!!!!  See you soon folks…


PS: I know I haven’t written in a while.  What???  I was busy at Pembroke Fiddle Park and playing for Sean Connery’s 80th birthday party and touring with Bill & Kate Isles and  teaching at Mark O’Connor’s NYC camp and doing Ontario home town gigs and stuff…  Wooooooooo!