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It’s a blow-out sale, folks! 

Six titles on sale.  Pick and choose which ones you want, just $5 per CD, or get all 6 titles for $25.

While supplies last (some titles are running low!)  Sale runs Nov 18 through Dec 2 only.

(Sale used to be for 7 titles for $30 but we’ve now sold out of one album in only a few hours – thanks for understanding!)

You might have most of our recordings, because you are amazing supporters, and we know that.  But for this price, maybe you have family or friends you might like to gift a copy to this holiday season?

If you don’t want any CDs but you do want to contribute to my new computer fund, that’s appreciated too!  All the options are right down below.

Thank you, friends – stay safe, be kind & enjoy the music!

CDs on sale:

  • Once A Day (2019)
  • The April Verch Anthology (2017)
  • The Newpart (2015)
  • Bright Like Gold (2013)
  • That’s How We Run (2011)
  • Band of Gypsies (2009)

To read more about each CD visit this page.

To buy CDs at $5 each, use the button below, and list your chosen titles.  When you get to the “shopping cart” be sure to change the quantity to suit how many you are choosing.

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The not so fine print:

Our shipping prices (when you get to the shopping cart) are for regular old snail mail, not express or priority mail, and shipping these days is a little slow.  So order as soon as possible if you’re hoping to get your package in time for the holidays.

If you are ordering from outside the USA, we can’t guarantee your order will arrive by the holidays but we promise to package it up and ship it as quickly as possible!

If you are making a donation, or ordering anything digital (not from this sale but from another part of my Verchual store,) make sure you choose “digital” under the shipping options so you aren’t charged anything for shipping.

Once you have clicked “add to cart” you can continue browsing and shopping, or click here to check out your shopping cart.