April Verch

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April Verch & Cody Walters

Formed in the heart of COVID lockdowns in 2020, husband and wife duo April Verch & Cody Walters is a true partnership of two world-class musicians. Combining their unique backgrounds from Verch’s native Ottawa Valley and Walters’ heartland roots in Kansas, their music showcases endless creativity and versatility—transitioning effortlessly from traditional Ottawa Valley step dancing and fiddle tunes, to old-time fiddle-banjo duets with tight-knit vocal harmonies, to innovative sandpaper foot percussion contrasted against Verch’s sweet soprano voice. Having played together as members of The April Verch Band since 2007 (and having been married since 2018), the music of April Verch & Cody Walters hums with the ease and playfulness that can only be cultivated through deep understanding and trust—as musicians and as partners.