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October Tour & LEAF Festival Vlog

Read and watch all about the adventures of the AVB in October!

Quick howdy from the road…

News from our current tour of the Midwest…

Ceilidh Alaska Cruise

Celtic Ceilidh Cruise of Alaska – in June 2011 – book now!

Well we announced this exciting cruise announcement a couple of months ago, but many of you thought we were talking about this summer… And the good news is that we were talking about NEXT summer – June 4-11, 2011! Know what that means? You have time to save, time to plan, time to book vacation days, time to pack… It’s going to be a blast!

End of June update…

Hey All y’all! Yep, we’ve been spending some time in the south. Can someone remind me what it’s like to have a shower and not feel hot and sticky 5 minutes later? It’s been a hot summer in more ways than one so far… And the humidity has been outrageous – I have been enduring […]

Hmmm…Guess I need a MacBook…and other events!

Hi everyone! Okay, I admit it…I’m a bit of a slacker in the blogging department. I know, I know – it’s not the first time I’ve confessed this. You see, if you know me, then you know that I work hard and I do get a lot done. I rarely procrastinate and I am fairly […]

It was March…and then it was April!

Woah!  So much has happened since I last wrote.  I can’t keep up.  And I love it! We toured California, Oregon & Washington at the beginning of March and had a wonderful time.  We got to see some old friends and met some new ones which is usually the case, but we have some dear […]

MusicBox Project – exciting stuff!

April is thrilled and honored to announce her involvement in an exciting project, namely, The MusicBox Project.  The MusicBox Project (founded by Rick & DyAnn Arthur) is a non-profit corporation whose mission it is to document and preserve musical history while advancing music education and occupational avenues of creation and performance.  April was recently interviewed and recorded […]

Olympic Fiddler!

Well as a lot of you know by now, I had the experience of a life time recently when I performed in the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  I have been super busy ever since and it’s taken me a little while to get to this, but I really wanted to share some […]

AVB-Tennessee Wagoner

April Verch Band – Tennessee Wagoner


AVB-Slip Away

April Verch Band – Slip Away



April Verch Band – Mashup



  We had SUCH a GREAT tour of the midwest & southwest!  Thank you to all of the new friends we met along the way for coming out and supporting live music – and us!  It’s the first time in a while that we’ve had to overnight more CDs and then still ended up selling […]

…down the yellow brick road!

Hey everyone! We’ve had a wonderful kick-off to our current tour.  We started out in Fayetteville, AR at GoodFolk.  Let me just say that they lived up to their name – what an amazing audience, we couldn’t have asked for a better first night!  It was also our first gig with our new vocal condensor […]

It’s a new year!

And we are sooooo excited about 2010.  So many good things have happened already and it’s only going to keep getting better.  Highlights?  Touring, touring, touring of course!  We hope to see you along the way.  As I type this I’m waiting with Clay in the Wichita airport for Cody to arrive.  Once Cody arrives our Midwestern […]

How did it get to be December?

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to make this blog entry for quite a while.  You know how it goes, long to-do lists, and limited internet time on the road…  These posts get pushed back sometimes despite my best intentions.  And now when I finally got around to it I checked the date of my last […]

AVB’s WUOT Podcast

Click here to hear the April Verch Band on WUOT in Knoxville, TN.  This interview was taped on November 13, 2009.

We love the south!

Hey y’all! Okay, we haven’t been here long enough yet for me to start saying that for real again…but man do we love touring in the south!  This tour started last night in Bedford, VA where the locals came to see us on a Thursday night despite their football team playing and being broadcast on ESPN […]

From the Bowfire bus…

Hey y’all! I’m out with Bowfire now.  So much fun!!!  We are having a great tour.  It’s a pretty extensive tour with lots of driving on the bus, good thing we all get along! The shows are going really well.  And in between everything else we’re spending our spare time preparing for our Christmas show which will […]

If you’re happy and you know it…

We are having great tours everyone!  So good that I haven’t blogged too much…  As usual we’ve been busy touring, keeping up with business and life on the road and getting ready for next year!  We’re really excited about our fall tours, especially our extensive southern tour in November.  And I’m looking forward to returning […]

Contest Winner Announced!

AND THE WINNER IS… Richard Byrd from South Carolina!  Congratulations Richard!  And a HUGE thanks to everyone who signed up for our email list and entered the contest – both online and at our recent concerts.  Your support means so much to us! Hey folks!  It’s contest time!  And there’s no catch…  Okay, there is kind of […]