April Verch

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Safely Returning to Live Music

Friends, we sure aren’t experts in any of this “re-opening” business, but we really do want to help you plan ahead and be safe as we work together to share music in-person once again.

The starting point for determining what measures to adopt must be the guidance and regulations that apply from federal, state and local authorities.

Here are some things you might wish to consider when hosting or presenting a concert:

  • Outdoor concerts, weather permitting, are safest and might be a stipulation for you having concerts.
  • Mandate the wearing of masks at all times for audience members and musicians when not performing.
  • Temperature checks before the concert.
  • Questionnaires regarding exposure and provision of contact information for contact tracing
  • Paperless ticketing or payment options
  • We will plan for touchless merchandise
  • Socially distanced lines, seating, stage area security measures
  • In a festival setting, no reusing microphones from act to act
  • Providing or requiring audience to bring their own hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and wipes
  • Communications and signage to ensure all involved are clear about guidelines
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for enforcement of policies adopted
  • Communicate in advance with your audience regarding your plans and regulations so there are no surprises
  • We will plan to do one long set so there is no intermission

For House Concerts in Particular

  • Consider having audience members bring their own chairs
  • Let attendees know there is no bathroom use at your home nor will anyone be permitted inside for any reason

It’s important that presenters, artists and agents work together to make clear plans at the time of offer/booking, with the understanding that plans may evolve.  This is a starting point / list that we can use to develop something that everyone will be comfortable with and we look forward to working with you and hearing your suggestions and concerns.

The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) has compiled a list of resources and sites as we move forward back to performances.  It is not a full list of resources nor does it claim to be an authority on COVID-19, but it is an excellent place to start.