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Hey there!  If you’re on this page it means you scanned our new QR code.  (Yay!  Thank you!)  It also means you have a smart phone.  And that means…(obviously) that YOU are smart!!!  (Probably humble too, but you know it’s true, and hey, we brought it up.)

So….welcome!  We are really glad you are here.  We hope that you’ll explore our site and learn about who we are and what we do.  But the best way to figure us out – what kind of music we play, etc. is just to listen.  ‘Cause it’s kind of hard to describe, but it’s pretty good.  So we would like to invite you to download the title track to our brand new record for FREE.  (Yep, free.)  Is there a catch?  Kind of.  (See, we’re honest too!)  You have to sign up for our email newsletter.  We don’t bug you all of the time – if you give us your city and state/province we’ll only email if we’re performing nearby.  And maybe once around the holidays or to let you know about a new CD (every couple of years).  We are kind of thinking that once you hear this free track that you won’t mind us emailing you that often and for those reasons.  But if we’re wrong (yikes!) then you can click the unsubscribe button and get rid of us with a couple of easy clicks.  Promise.

How does it work?  When you sign up (below), you’ll get an email and it’ll have a link, and you’ll go there and click and download the track.  Easy Peasy!!!  And then you’ll groove and get up and dance around and think “I need more!” and  you’ll come back to our site and try to find a way to download the whole CD.  That’s it!

BTW – If by chance you’ve signed up for our mailing list previously – this will still work (one time.)

THANK YOU again for visiting us.  We hope to see you again!

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