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Casual Living Room Jams

We’ve been going live on YouTube on most Thursday evenings for some music & connection…  If you’d like to watch some of those live jams, they’re archived here for your viewing pleasure!

Top of the Hill

‘Top of the Hill’ an album for children & the young at heart is now released!

Q&A Series to Celebrate 20 Years

In 2020 I’m celebrating 20 Years of leading the April Verch Band and touring full time. As part of the year long festivities, I’ve asked you for your questions, you’ve sent them, and I’m answering them – on the 20th of each month!

Free Fiddle Lessons on YouTube

With everyone at home this summer, and missing fiddle camps and festivals myself, I decided it would be fun to share some tunes and tips.  I’m recording some YouTube tutorials that you can find on my YouTube Channel.  I hope you’ll enjoy them!  Happy fiddling :)

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