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Contest Winner Announced!


Richard Byrd from South Carolina!  Congratulations Richard!  And a HUGE thanks to everyone who signed up for our email list and entered the contest – both online and at our recent concerts.  Your support means so much to us!

Hey folks!  It’s contest time!  And there’s no catch…  Okay, there is kind of a catch, but it’s good for both of us I think.  Because if you’re on my website it hopefully means you dig what we do.  And you’d like to come and see us play live and know about our “goings on”.  Okay – so here is the deal:  You see that “subscribe to newsletter” dealy on the left hand side of this web page?  If you sign up between now and November 15, 2009 you will be entered to win an exciting little package of goodies that contains things like ALL of my recordings (even the embarassing first one with my polk-a-dot dress and big hair ribbon), a T shirt, stickers, etc etc etc…  If you are already subscribed to my newsletter, then update your profile with your address or state or any new info and you will also be entered.  Easy right?  AND we promise to only send occasional newsletters that let you know about important new releases or concerts in your area…  AND we never share your info with anyone else.  That’s it.  Easy.  Fun!  Go do it now!  (If you want…and I hope you will!)