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April Verch & Cody Walters

April Verch and Cody Walters are a true partnership of kindred musical spirits, each a world-class musician in their own right. Combining their unique backgrounds from Verch’s native Ottawa Valley and Walters’ heartland roots in Kansas, their music showcases endless creativity and versatility— transitioning effortlessly from traditional Ottawa Valley step dancing and fiddle tunes, to […]

3 February 2022 / Read

Newberry & Verch

Growing up, Joe Newberry and April Verch absorbed traditions of home and hearth – in his Missouri Ozarks and her Ottawa Valley of Canada. Although they are on the road much of the year, the two musicians are fond of saying that they are rarely homesick, because their music means they always have a bit […]

3 February 2022 / Read

Steps From The Heart

A special step dance collaboration by April Verch & Simon Harmer The Idea Acclaimed step dancers April Verch (Canada) and Simon Harmer (UK) have come together to collaborate on this exceptional project, Steps From The Heart. Combining research, new choreography, performance and teaching, it celebrates two of their dance heroes, Donnie Gilchrist and Alex Woodcock. […]

10 February 2022 / Read

The Heritage Projekt

The Heritage Projekt combines the talents of two celebrated bands; Curly Strings, a four-piece from Estonia, and the April Verch Band, a trio lead by Ottawa Valley (Ontario, Canada) native, April Verch.  The beginnings of this collaboration were simple.  A mutual respect for each others music, a couple of brief chance meetings, and most importantly, […]

3 February 2022 / Read