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If you’re happy and you know it…

Augusta, WV

We are having great tours everyone!  So good that I haven’t blogged too much…  As usual we’ve been busy touring, keeping up with business and life on the road and getting ready for next year!  We’re really excited about our fall tours, especially our extensive southern tour in November.  And I’m looking forward to returning to the cast of Bowfire for a bunch of dates too!  Other highlights include our performance at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and my guest appearances with Bill & Kate Isles, all at the end of November…  Enough said – all of that info is on the tour dates page as you know – so take a gander at your leisure!

Below is a picture of Clay & Cody dining with the Gallery family in Augusta, WV.  They hosted our concert in Romney, WV at the Bottling Works (check out their great series here) last week and we had a great time visiting with them and eating waffles on their beautiful deck before we headed to our next gig.  It really is the people we meet along the way that make what we do such a blessing!  Hope to see YOU along the way sometime soon!  Take care!