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We love the south!

100_0596Hey y’all!

Okay, we haven’t been here long enough yet for me to start saying that for real again…but man do we love touring in the south!  This tour started last night in Bedford, VA where the locals came to see us on a Thursday night despite their football team playing and being broadcast on ESPN – we felt the love!  And tonight we played at Down Home in Johnson City, TN – such a cool venue with a lot of history and character (and Matt is a great sound engineer!)  Tomorrow we head to North Carolina!  We’ve been running into old friends along the way which is really exciting.  And thanks to all of you who seen us and came to the website to sign up for our email list.  Your support means so much to us! 

These are a couple of pictures of us in the green


room before the show tonight…  See you again soon –