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…down the yellow brick road!

Hey everyone!

We’ve had a wonderful kick-off to our current tour.  We started out in Fayetteville, AR at GoodFolk.  Let me just say that they lived up to their name – what an amazing audience, we couldn’t have asked for a better first night!  It was also our first gig with our new vocal condensor mic which we were super excited about and we are loving it so far. 

Then we played at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center where an amazing crew helped us put on our best show.  We had some new video footage shot there as well which will be available for viewing soon – stay tuned! 

After our day in OK we headed to Hesston, KS and had another intimate setting (sold out show!) and another perfect audience!  We have felt so loved on this tour!  We stayed with Cody’s folks just outside of Onaga, KS on our day off yesterday and they have spoiled us rotton.  Great food, wii games, visits, and a sauna in the woods.  The perfect day off!  I have to go and get ready…  Photos in this post are from our concert in Hesston and are courtesy of Don Shorock – thanks Don!

See you down the road!