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We start recording today!

February 2nd is officially here.  It’s no longer a far away date that looms with promise (and a little bit of stress.)  Nope, it’s here and I’m so excited!

It was a challenge getting here, to Asheville, NC.  Our last gig was in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia on January 31.  We were reserved for the 6 AM ferry to Vancouver on February 1st and we should have landed in Charlotte, North Carolina at midnight last night so that we could start recording this morning.  However, with all of the bad weather and storms in the midwest our flights were canceled.  We were fortunate to get re-routed through Phoenix, but it meant long airport waits and red-eye flights and over 40 hours awake by the time we get to sleep tonight.  We just arrived in Asheville and are heading to the studio in 2 hours.  Why am I blogging instead of sleeping?  Too excited!

Not just excited about the recording though, we have had great tours so far this year.  South and North Carolina were snowier than usual but our crowds were better than ever.  We love it here!  Things have been building for us in this region and I hope it will continue because I just can’t get enough. 

We went directly from the Carolinas to British Columbia, and I am not exaggerating in saying that we just completed our best Canadian tour to date.  It was 11 shows in 12 days (thanks to our agent, Frank Hoorn for his hard work!)   There was much driving and little sleep, amazing audiences, wonderful venues & hospitality…and of course the odd stop at Tim Hortons!   And we were trying out material for the recording the whole time and practicing on our little free time, so while it was busy it was fresh and fun.  We lucked out with weather – even though it was dicey and slow going some of the time – everywhere we went they would tell us about the snow storms that they’d had days earlier and how we must have brought the sun with us since it was the first time they had seen it in days.  Even our 10 hour drive from Prince Rupert to Prince George was clear!  We saw the most amazing scenery, especially up north.  It was breathtaking and inspiring.  We are so lucky to do what we love and see what we see and meet the people we meet along the way!

Gotta run – thanks for reading and sharing in our adventures!

Hugs from the AVB