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New recording and tour madness (in a good way!)

We did it!  This entry is long past due but I am not less excited writing about it now than I would have been the day after we finished…  At the beginning of February we recorded 18 tracks in 9 days.  We worked with the fabulous Chris Rosser at his studio in Asheville, NC and it was truly the most enjoyable recording experience   I have ever had.  I think it has something to do with having done this enough times, for having played music for longer and knowing what I wanted more clearly than ever – but it was magical.  We had the honor of working with some of our favorite musicians who made guest appearances and we just made music with a great vibe and it all feels so good.  I am really proud of it.  There is much to be done – final mixes, mastering, artwork, mechanicals, pressing, publicity, etc.  But the foundation has been poured, and gosh darn it, it’s a solid one.  I thank Cody & Clay for their unstoppable dedication, beautiful talents and support.     

We went directly from the studio in Asheville back to the the Northwest where we played at the beautiful Orcas Center on Orcas Island, WA.  The next day we headed to British Columbia and performed 23 school concerts for middle and secondary students over the course of the next ten days – with weekend performances in Calgary and Edmonton.  We finished the tour off in Bainbridge Island, WA at Parker House Concerts where we felt like we had a great kitchen party with friends – except we even got paid!  Clay and Cody have a few days off now since I joined Bowfire on March 1st for their tour.  But we won’t be apart long – we reconvene in a couple of days to play concerts in BC.  Then I’m back out with Bowfire until the end of the month, when the AVB meets again in Nebraska and South Dakota.

I’m enclosing a smattering of pictures from our time in the studio.  You’ll see lots of familiar faces.  And I can’t WAIT for you to HEAR the music!

Until next time, thanks for your support & keep living your dreams…