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Welcome to my month :)

I can’t believe it’s April already!  Lots of exciting stuff coming up…  Going home on April 6 for first time since January 2nd (for 6 days!)  My birthday (on the 7th!)  British Columbia again and then CHINA!

March went by in a flash.  I spent most of the month touring with Bowfire.  It is always inspirational and educational to work with the fine musicians and crew in that production, not to mention a GREAT deal of fun!  We made our way around the US and Canada before all was said and done, and played our first “Orchestra” concert with the Colorado Symphony in Denver (more of symphony concerts to come for Bowfire in 2012.)  It was hard to say goodbye to everyone at the end of our tour – I can’t wait to work with my friends in Bowfire again soon.

In the middle of the Bowfire tour I met up with Cody and Clay for a quick jaunt in BC which was wonderful as usual.  It marked our third tour in BC this year…  We’re starting to feel pretty at home out west 🙂  We wrapped the month up in the midwest.  Our concerts in Nebraska and South Dakota were the perfect way to end a three month tour – the kinds of gigs that make any difficult days on the road seem trivial.  Between the crowds, the presenters, the media, the collaborations, the scenery, the camaraderie…well, these are the tours that keep us going!

The B in the AVB  are headed home now and I only have a few more days on the road.  I’m excited to meet up with a couple of Bowfire members in NYC to perform for Sir Sean Connery’s fundraising benefit “Dressed to Kilt”. We wre honored to be a part of this event last year as well and this year I know exactly what to look forward to!  I’ll post some pictures on our facebook page for everyone to see from this star-studded event that is always nerve wracking and thrilling!  (Side note: we try to keep our April Verch Band facebook page up to date with ALL of our updates and pictures along the road, so if you haven’t liked our page yet – check us out!)

Things are moving right along with the new CD.  The masters are complete and the artwork well underway.  I can’t wait until we can share it with everyone!  Stay tuned for a release date…  And until then, have a happy spring!