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Take Me Back to Tulsa!

Howdy friends and neighbours! We are not only back in North America now but we’ve been kickin’ in New England for the last ten days or so. We had less then 3 days at our respective homes before we started the tour in Barre, VT where we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Scott Campbell and his band We made stops in MA, ME & NH too! It’s been a few years since we played at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport and it was even better than we remembered! Our first ever “streaming live concert” was webcast from One Longfellow Square in Portland, ME – thanks to those of you around the world who tuned in and watched us in your jammies from your living room! Speaking of jammies, we returned to the gorgeous Skye Theater Performing Arts Center in South Carthage, ME, a unique and rare venue AND did our first ever PJ sound check – very exciting! Other highlights included seeing some friends we’ve really been missing at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse in Mansfield, MA, and making some new ones at The Plantation, and eating the best chocolate croissant I’ve had in a long time in Colebrook, NH where we played the new and ever developing Tillotsen Center. Oh! And I almost forgot…we had our favourite sushi 3 times in a week at Benkay in Portland, ME. Yummmmy! And the Rose Garden gave us an AVB cupcake cake. (It’s all about the food!)

By the time I’m able to post this we will have arrived safely in Tulsa after a very long day of traveling. We’ll be touring in OK, AR & KS for the next few days before we return to my home and native Canada for a few days, including a tour stop in my home town of Pembroke. Today we said good bye to our best friend Isaac Callender who returned to Oregon. He’s been helping us out since January and it was so great to share this time and these tours and stages with him. He’s a monster musician and one hell of a guy. He’ll be busy with his band this summer and we’re hoping to run into him along the way. We also said hello today to our new guitarist, Hayes Griffin, who seems to fit us like a glove so far! We are excited to start working on new material and planning a new record… But first things first – time to hit the hay!

Nighty night!