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Clippings 2013

Huffington Post Arts & Culture

December 11, 2013

Here’s a link to “Canadian Heat: The April Verch Band at WOMEX 2013” by Michal Shapiro.  There’s an article and a video about AVB’s showcase at WOMEX in Cardiff, Wales in October 2013.

Three Chords and the Truth UK

October 14, 2013

Check out the great things David from Three Chords and the Truth UK has to say about AVB’s live performance at Cookley Village Hall in Worcestershire, UK here (opens PDF).

Lonesome Highway

October 6, 2013

The Lonesome Highway is the UK’s portal for real & honest hardcore country, folk & bluegrass. Check out the great stuff they are saying about Bright Like Gold here (opens PDF).

NetRhythms UK

October 2013

David Kidman gives Bright Like Gold a rave! Check out the whole review here (opens PDF).

Flyinshoes Review

September 1, 2013

More love from the UK! Check out UK’s Root Music Webzine’s great review of Bright Like Gold here (opens PDF).

Three Chords and the Truth UK

August 17, 2013

Interested in a little UK perspective? Check out what they’re saying about April’s new album here! (Opens PDF)


September/October 2013, Issue 122

Jeremy Isaac from Maverick, the UK’s leading independent country music magazine, gave Bright Like Gold 5 stars! Read the whole review here. (Opens JPEG)


July/August Issue 2013

This UK magazine, and reviewer Jeff Kaliss, loved the new AVB release!  Good timing – AVB will be in the UK again soon!  Click here to read it! (Opens PDF)


July 2013

A review of “Bright Like Gold” in Belgium’s “RootsTime“! (Opens PDF)

R2 Magazine

July-August 2013

Read Greg McAteer’s review of “Bright Like Gold” in UK’s R2 Magazine. (Opens attachment)


June 2013

Read John Atkins “Bright Like Gold” album review here! (Opens PDF)

May 2013

Read Mike Davies review of “Bright Like Gold” here! (Opens PDF)


May 2013

Read a review of “Bright Like Gold” by Jerry Clark here! (Opens PDF)

Penguin Eggs

Summer 2013

Read a review of “Bright Like Gold” by Tim Readman here! (Opens PDF)

Scotsman Shetland Review

May 8, 2013

Read a review of the Shetland Folk Festival here! (Opens PDF)

Shetland News

May 6, 2013

Read about April’s performance at the Shetland Folk Festival here! (Opens PDF)

The Shetland Times

May 4, 2013

Grand finale from April Verch provides highlight at Hamnavoe. Read more  here! (Opens PDF)

-Ryan Taylor

Steve Ide’s Review

May 3, 2013

Read Steve Ide’s review of April’s newest release, “Bright Like Gold” here! (Opens PDF)

Time Out Chicago

April 4, 2013

Canadian fiddler April Verch may have focused her talents at the Berklee School of Music, but her scope continues to expand beyond the traditional bounds of her chosen instrument to encompass everything from jazz to Western swing to South America. It’s all folk music, of course, but Verch specializes in stretching the standard definition of that word.

-Robert Anglin

Ann Arbor Observer

April 2013

Read James M Manheim’s article on April Verch here! (Opens PDF)

CMT Edge

April 2, 2013

Read CMT’s interview with April here! (Opens PDF)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

April 2, 2013

Read Piet Levy’s review of the AVB’s new album, “Bright Like Gold” here! (Opens PDF)

The Bluegrass Situation

April 2, 2013

Read Jasmine Teran’s interview with April here! (Opens PDF)

Pembroke Observer

March 26, 2013

Read Ryan Paulsen’s interview with April at her Deep River show here! (Opens PDF)

Nashville Scene

March 2013

Read the review of “Bright Like Gold” as a Nashville Scene Critic’s pick here! (Opens PDF)

Cedar Rapids Hoopla

March 14, 2013

Read Rob Cline’s review of AVB performance here! (Opens JPEG)

Huffington Post

March 7, 2013

Read about Stephen D Winick’s favorite bands from “Folk Alliance 2013” here! (Opens PDF)