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Fall is in the air!

Photo by Rob Swyrd.

On one hand the summer was gone in a flash, on the other, when we look back at where we’ve been and the great people we’ve met on tour, it seems like it was endless bliss!

Either way, autumn has always been at the top of my list for favorite seasons (along with spring, then winter, then summer.)  The fresh crisp air, the new routines, the thought of family holidays approaching.

This fall I’m extra excited – not just for Newberry & Verch tours in Alaska, Missourri & Arkansas, and for AVB’s return to Byron Berline’s OIBF and to Texas (at long last!) but also because I’m heading into the recording studio in November.  I’m going to record a classic country album (think 50’s and 60’s country) in Nashville with my pal Doug Cox producing and with Bil VornDick on the controls.  I’m equally pumped and frightened.  And I think that’s a good thing!

Thanks for dropping by the site, friends.  Please stay tuned for more updates, join us at a live show if we’re coming near you, and most of all – happy beautiful fall!