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April Verch’s New Album ‘Once A Day’ Released Today

By Steven Brodsky

Once A Day is retro-wonderful—a masterful presentation of the classic country music sound and heart that have largely vanished from the mainstream “country” genre. Fans of classic country music of the ’50s and ’60s will love this album. (I am one and I do.)

April Verch had this to say about Once A Day: “In many ways, making this album was not a choice. It was something I felt I had to do. It has been more daunting than any other project I’ve embarked on, because these songs, these artists, the history of this music matters to me on the deepest level. It is a love letter and a thank you letter in one, to the artists, songwriters, musicians, and industry professionals who created, perhaps in some cases without even realizing it, an era of music that speaks to me in a way that no other music does. If someone hears a song on this album and that prompts them to look up and love the original that will be the highest compliment I could receive.”

The tracklist for Once A Day is: “Once A Day,” “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” “You Must Unload,” “Laurel Lee,” “You’re Not Mine Anymore,” “Durham’s Bull,” “Let’s Make A Fair Trade,” “I Feel Better,” “The French Song,” “Fiddling Under The Mistletoe,” “Lake Dore Waltz,” “Second Fiddle,” “A Fool Such As I,” “Why Not Confess,” “The Lord Knows I’m Drinking”

An interview with April Verch appears in the Conversations About Music section.

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