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#StayAtHomeFestival March 20-22

I have some GOOD news to share! We are all invited to a fabulous international live broadcasted music festival, and I’m excited to perform in it!

Music + Instagram + In your house = #stayathomefestival (March 20, 21, 22, 2020)

It’s true, these are tough times. The organizers of this festival (Galen Fraser, Diego San Miguel and María San Miguel, currently residing in a state of quarantine in Valladolid, Spain) have decided to take matters in to our own hands to raise moral and support live music by starting an online festival where groups or solo musicians can stream direct to peoples’ homes in an effort both to encourage people to stay in their houses to prevent further virus spread AND to give musicians an opportunity to make up for countless canceled events and lost incomes.

You’ll need an instagram account (free) and internet. The line-up is AMAZING! You can learn more (and donate if you wish) at their website.

Cody & I will perform on Sunday, March 22 (early morning on March 23 in Europe/UK) near the end of the festival – see the full schedule on the Festival Website.