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Fiddle Lesson – Ward Allen’s “Back Up and Push”

Here’s a sample of one of the many fiddle lessons April has posted on her YouTube channel.

12 July 2020 / Read

Step Dance Comparison

April and Sherry Johnson compare the Old Time Ontario and Ottawa Valley step dance styles during the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention.

22 December 2016 / Read

Fiddle Lesson – A Riverboat’s Gone pt.1

Learn to play the melody to April’s original waltz “A Riverboat’s Gone”!

9 September 2012 / Read

Fiddle Lesson – A Riverboat’s Gone pt. 2

Here April teaches right and left hand ornamentation for “A Riverboat’s Gone” that helps you make the tune your own!  Apply these techniques to this waltz and other tunes you like to play!

1 October 2012 / Read

April’s Tutorials for D’Addario Bowed

Check out April’s short tutorial lessons for D’Addario Bowed for tips & hints on fiddling technique and for a glimpse into Canadian fiddle styles

26 June 2009 / Read

April’s Tutorials for “Strings Magazine”

Strings Magazine is your source for “all things strings”!  April is pleased to offer tips on learning tunes by ear in this tutorial video that accompanies her article for their magazine.

1 July 2013 / Read