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AVB is Europe Bound!

We have met some wonderful, music-loving people and have seen some spectacular places while touring Europe which is why we feel so blessed to get to do it all over again! We’re going to be on the move – touring England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Belgium in November!

Bring Your Clothes

Folk Alley Premiering New Video

We love the support we get from the great people at Folk Alley! Right now they are premiering our brand, spankin’ new video for “Bring Your Clothes Back Home”


What does “The Newpart” mean?

If you’re wondering about the title of April’s release, and what it means to her…take a video trip inside “The Newpart” here!


Video Premiere!

The first single from “The Newpart” is a high spirited track called Belle Election. CMT Edge premieres the official music video and hosts a Q&A with April.

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