No Other Would Do

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2001 / April Verch Music

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April’s father, Ralph Verch, is a talented country singer and guitar player.  He loves classic country music and has always been one of April’s biggest inspirations.  This recording features April on fiddle, April’s sister, Tawnya, on piano, and both daughters on harmony vocals.  The back-up band features many other first class musicians as well.  This is the perfect recording for classic country music fans who don’t hear “those good old songs” on the radio anymore.  Ralph’s pure and clean vocal style, and the tasteful arrangements, compliment this wonderful collection of songs.


  1. I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home
  2. Lake Dore Waltz
  3. All I Have to Offer You is Me
  4. Maple Sugar Sweetheart
  5. Family Bible
  6. Where the Alders Grow
  7. Bringing Mary Home
  8. Lord, I’m Ready
  9. No Other Would Do
  10. I’ve Still Got a Crush On You
  11. The Old Log Cabin