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So sorry…  This book is temporarily out of print.  April is working on a replacement version, updated with more recent tunes for release in the future.

About the book

First published in 2005, this book contains sheet music for 27 of April’s compositions, many of which you will be familiar with from her five recordings, and some you may have only heard live, or never before! Each tune is notated with bow markings, ornamentation and chords for accompanists. There is also an introduction by April with detailed suggestions for using the book and for learning fiddle tunes in general, as well as some special pictures of April and many of the people she wrote tunes for.


  • A Reel Dare
  • A Riverboat’s Gone
  • August 19
  • Britany
  • Chopman
  • Comin’ Home
  • Composer’s Waltz
  • Eldon & Ethel
  • Faniuck’s Fancy
  • Fire When Ready
  • Fraser Valley Reel
  • Golden Memories
  • It’s Gonna Cost Ya!
  • Photos
  • Jig Between Friends
  • Jig for the Duelings
  • Kenderline Crick
  • Marry Me
  • Ralphy’s Jig
  • Reg and Irma’s Waltz
  • Silver Wishes
  • Sneaky
  • Spanish For Crown
  • Springtime Waltz
  • Thomas Reel
  • 21 Years of Lovin’
  • Waiting for Home
  • Words Aren’t Enough