Steal the Blue

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2008 / Slab Town Records

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“April Verch, already known as a world class fiddler, shines as well with outstanding vocals on Steal the Blue. This collection is beautifully produced, performed and arranged. April’s fiddling is fancy and a lesson in substance and expression. I look forward to hearing more from this wonderful artist.” Sam Bush

“I’m not going to tell you how good April Verch is-the music on Steal The Blue makes doing so unnecessary. But I will say that this collection is not only compelling proof of her continuing development, but also the best portrait yet of April as a performing artist.

It was my pleasure to be a member of April’s band for nearly three years, joining shortly after the issue of From Where I Stand (2004) and leaving (regretfully) not long after Take Me Back (2006) was released. During the last year or so, April built a set list around songs from the latter, and we were struck by the difficulty of translating some of them from their full arrangements into the sparser sound of the stage show. So when the topic of another project was broached, I argued as forcefully as I knew how for an approach that would reflect the band’s natural sound-one that I had seen bring audiences around the continent to their feet time after time. At the same time, April’s desire to take her singing to a new and higher level had led her to extensive consultation with Stephen Mougin, who had filled in with the band on a couple of memorable dates in early 2006. In the end, we decided to collaborate on the next album- the one you hold in your hands.

But Steal The Blue is not only a reflection of these things. It also testifies to the esteem in which April is held by Nashville’s bluegrass and roots musicians. Writers were quick to offer songs, and singers lined up to add their voices to hers-and while all their names may not be household words, they resonate deeply among fans, making for an all-star cast in the truest sense of the term. Yet despite the many ways their participation has enhanced the album, it is ultimately all about April and her band; the way these songs sound here are the way they sound when there’s nothing but her, her musicians, and an attentive audience. And though it may not be my place to say so, they sound mighty good. ” Jon Weisberger, Cottontown, TN, June 2008


  1. Slip Away 3:25
  2. Some People 3:16
  3. My Friend Craig 2:53
  4. The Last Greyhound 2:30
  5. Long Way Home 3:06
  6. I Might Have One Too 3:14
  7. Fork Creek River 4:25
  8. You Hurt Me All Over Again 4:14
  9. Independence, VA 3:22
  10. The Lonely Road Back Home 3:05
  11. He’s Holding On To Me 2:39
  12. Reels Tadoussac et Lindbergh 3:17



April Verch: fiddle, lead vocals

Marc Bru: percussion

Cody Walters: bass (all tracks except 11)

Isaac Callender: guitar (all tracks except 11)

Randy Kohrs: resophonic guitar on tracks 4, 10

Sam Bush: mandolin on track 11

Scott Vestal: banjo on track 11

Jon Weisberger: bass on track 11

Stephen Mougin: mandolin on track 1; guitar on tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 11; harmony vocals on tracks 2, 4, 8

Jana Mougin: harmony vocals on tracks 4, 6

Melonie Cannon: harmony vocals on tracks 5, 6, 8

Patty Mitchell: harmony vocals on tracks 1, 2, 11

Travis Book: harmony vocals on tracks 1, 5, 11