That’s How We Run

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2011 / Slab Town Records
April Verch / That's How We Run

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April Verch is known for being one of the world’s finest fiddlers and performers of Canadian traditional music, but on this recording she also reaches deep into the heart of traditional music of the United States. She approaches this music with the same richness, charm, beauty and respect with which she plays the fine music of the Ottawa Valley.

The spirit of traditional music of the United States is not exclusive to the backwoods of Southern Appalachia, the Ozark mountains, the Midwestern states, nor to the bayous of Louisiana, but resides deep inside the music itself, allowing it to be passed from one place to another, from one heart to the next, coming to life in a person once they’ve been touched by it. April has been touched by the music.
For this project April has brought together a great supporting cast. She chose some of today’s finest traditional musicians, who all come from different places throughout the continent, but all of whom come together of one mind. We love the music and we love what April does with it. I am very proud to have had the chance to play on this recording. -Riley Baugus


  1. That’s How We Run
  2. Jim Shank/Ti-Jacques Jarret
  3. Coming Up The Pike/Jimmy Got a Lizard/Farewell Trion
  4. Lazy John
  5. Parker Brown/Possum Run
  6. This Flower
  7. Long Harbour
  8. Worth the Wait
  9. Indian Ate A Woodchuck
  10. Still Trying
  11. Five Miles From Town
  12. I’m Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darlin‘
  13. Guide Me Home
  14. Old Sport
  15. Moonshine Mac
  16. Durangs Hornpipe
  17. Ducks On The Millpond



Produced by April Verch, Cody Walters, Clay Ross, Chris Rosser

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Rosser
Hollow Reed Studio
Asheville, NC
February 2011

Mastered by David Glasser
Airshow Mastering
Boulder, CO
March 2011

Photography by Marc Bru

Art Direction/Package Design by Alphabet Arm Design



April Verch – fiddle; lead vocals
Cody Walters – bass; clawhammer banjo; harmony vocals
Clay Ross – guitar; harmony vocals
Chris Sharp – guitar
Bob Carlin – clawhammer banjo
Rayna Gellert – guest fiddle
Kyle Dean Smith – banjo
Riley Baugus – lead vocal; clawhammer banjo
Dirk Powell – accordion; guest fiddle
Bobby Hicks – guest fiddle
Matthew Smith – pedal steel