Bright Like Gold

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2013 / Slab Town Records

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April Verch has never sounded more comfortable in her skin than she does now, in the second decade of her career as an internationally touring Canadian fiddler, step dancer and singer-songwriter. Her ninth album, Bright Like Gold, captures a woman who’s fleshed out her identity and is in full command of her gifts, a woman who’s grown from a prodigy into an enduring artist—one of music’s most unforgiving public transitions—with grace and grit to spare.


  1. Broken / April Verch – April Verch Music (SOCAN)
  2. Sandy River Belle / Traditional
  3. No Other Would Do / Ralph Verch
  4. Big Eared Mule  / (featuring Sammy Shelor) / Traditional
  5. The Only One (featuring Mac Wiseman & Sammy Shelor) / April Verch – April Verch Music (SOCAN)
  6. Evening Star Waltz (featuring Bruce Molsky) / Traditional
  7. Davy Davy, Folding Down the Sheets (featuring Sammy Shelor) / Traditional
  8. Foolish Heart / Hayes Griffin
  9. All Young, John Riley the Shepherd / Traditional
  10. Raven in the Hemlock / Cody Walters
  11. Sorry / April Verch – April Verch Music (SOCAN)
  12. Jeff Sturgeon / Traditional
  13. Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’ / Loretta Lynn, Peggy Sue Wills – Sure-Fire Music Company
  14. Before I Met You (featuring Sammy Shelor) / J. Williams Denny, Joe (Cannonball) Lewis, Charles L Seitz / Universal – Songs of Polygram International Inc.
  15. Edward in the Treetop, Yellow Jacket, Quit That Tickling Me / Traditional
  16. My Home in the Sky (featuring Mac Wiseman) / Sylvia Trace – Trio Music Company Inc., Fort Knox Music, Inc.
  17. Dusty Miller, Fiddle Fingers, Grizzly Bear / Traditional, John Durocher, Traditional
  18. Six Feet of Earth Makes Us All of One Size / Ola Belle Reed – Happy Valley Music
  19. Big Eyed Rabbit (featuring Bruce Molsky) / Traditional
  20. Morris & Boris / April Verch – April Verch Music (SOCAN)

Total playing time: 60 minutes



Produced by April Verch, Cody Walters, Hayes Griffin, Chris Rosser

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Rosser
Hollow Reed Studio
Asheville, NC
November/December 2012

Tracks 6 & 19
Recorded by Jim Robeson
Bias Studios
Springfield, VA
November 2012

Mastered by David Glasser
Airshow Mastering
Boulder, CO
December 2012

Photography by Sandlin Gaither
Hair & Makeup by Amanda Anderson
Wardrobe Styling by Stephanie Fields & Brad Henderson
Tailoring by Aubrey Hyde

Art Direction/Package Design by Brad Henderson
Big Howdy


April Verch  / fiddle; lead vocals (except tracks 8, 16); harmony vocals on tracks 8, 16
Cody Walters / bass; clawhammer banjo; harmony vocals; lead vocals on tracks 14, 19
Hayes Griffin  /acoustic guitar; electric guitar; harmony vocals; lead vocal on track 8
Josh Goforth  /mandolin on tracks 5, 16
Bruce Molsky  /fiddle on tracks 6, 19; lead vocal on track 19
Sammy Shelor  /banjo on tracks 4, 5, 7, 14
Matthew Smith  /dobro on track 11; pedal steel on track 13
Mac Wiseman  /lead vocals on tracks 5, 16