The Newpart

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2015 / Slab Town Records

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On her milestone 10th album The Newpart, with producer Casey Driessen, Verch digs deep into songs and tunes from the era before the often-mined mid-century heyday of bluegrass and folk. Harkening back to vaudeville and beyond, Verch and her fellow trio members pare down their arrangements, highlighting the simple pleasures of upright bass, guitar, clawhammer banjo, mandolin, voices, fiddle, and stepping in intimate conversation. At the heart lie Verch’s delicate voice, energetic footwork, and stunning playing, a trifecta of talents she brings together simultaneously for the first time on stage and on The Newpart. It all works to insist that, “these songs don’t need to be revived,” Verch exclaims. “They are timeless. They are still very much alive and relevant.”


  1. Belle Election / Traditional
  2. If You Hadn’t Gone Away / Lew Brown, Ray Henderson, Billy Rose
  3. Bring Your Clothes Back Home / John Hartford
  4. The Newpart / April Verch
  5. It Makes No Difference To Me / April Verch, Cody Walters
  6. Cruel Willie / Traditional
  7. Gilchrist / April Verch
  8. Montana Call / Seger Ellis
  9. Polska from Kumla / Traditional
  10. Midnight Wheeler / Traditional, Andy DeJarlia
  11. It Don’t Do Nothing But Rain / Lew Childre
  12. I Heard the Bluebirds Sing / Hod Pharis
  13. Dry Bones / Traditional
  14. This Melody / April Verch

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“The Newpart” is a very special place to April, and it represents the things she values and holds dear.  Visit April’s “Inside The Newpart” video series here for a peek inside!