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Passages and Partings

It’s not news that April Verch is one of the outstanding fiddle players of her generation, and that this Canadian treasure has created a deep discography to go with her years of touring at a high level throughout North America, Europe, with excursions into China and Australia. However, it is news that Verch and her […]

29 January 2023 / Read
Ottawa Valley Stepdancing, Vol. 1

Ottawa Valley Stepdancing, Volume 1

Get your dancing shoes on! Now you can download or order a physical copy of “Ottawa Valley Stepdancing with April Verch” and let her teach you the basics! It’s fun, it’s exercise, and you’ll know all the moves!

15 November 2013 / Read

On This Christmas Day

Ever since their first year of playing together in 2016, Joe Newberry and April Verch have performed their eagerly awaited holiday tours around the U.S. Their new recording project, “On This Christmas Day,” showcases some of the most requested music from those tours, plus some new songs and stories to add to the holiday tradition. Heartwarming original […]

2 December 2021 / Read

Top of the Hill

“Top of the Hill”, an album for children & the young at heart!

23 July 2020 / Read

Once A Day

April Verch is known as one of the most esteemed fiddlers and stepdancers of her generation. On Once A Day, it’s her voice – a sweet and gossamer instrument – that adds a distinct personal flair to her homage of 1950s and 60s classic country. Verch, an Ottawa Valley, Canada native, grew up on the […]

12 April 2019 / Read

Going Home

Through their strong musical traditions of the Ozarks and Canada’s Ottawa Valley, Joe Newberry and April Verch take a little bit of home with them wherever they go. Now, through their new release Going Home, audiences can do the same.  The duo’s debut release features 12 tracks recorded in November, 2016, at Good Luck Studios in Chapel Hill, […]

19 April 2017 / Read

The April Verch Anthology

The April Verch Anthology (April’s eleventh release) features a mix of regional Canadian, American old-time, bluegrass, country and Americana tracks.  While many of the songs are dear to April, she also included a healthy dose of “fan favorites”. In addition to featuring tracks spanning her 1998-2015 recordings, the collection includes two newly recorded songs.  April’s […]

12 February 2017 / Read

The Newpart

On her milestone 10th album The Newpart, with producer Casey Driessen, Verch digs deep into songs and tunes from the era before the often-mined mid-century heyday of bluegrass and folk. Harkening back to vaudeville and beyond, Verch and her fellow trio members pare down their arrangements, highlighting the simple pleasures of upright bass, guitar, clawhammer […]

8 February 2015 / Read

Bright Like Gold

April Verch has never sounded more comfortable in her skin than she does now, in the second decade of her career as an internationally touring Canadian fiddler, step dancer and singer-songwriter. Her ninth album, “Bright Like Gold”, captures a woman who’s fleshed out her identity and is in full command of her gifts, a woman who’s grown from a prodigy into an enduring artist—one of music’s most unforgiving public transitions—with grace and grit to spare.

29 March 2013 / Read
April Verch / That's How We Run

That’s How We Run

April Verch is known for being one of the world’s finest fiddlers and performers of Canadian traditional music, but on this recording she also reaches deep into the heart of traditional music of the United States. She approaches this music with the same richness, charm, beauty and respect with which she plays the fine music of the Ottawa Valley.

22 June 2011 / Read

Steal the Blue

“April Verch, already known as a world class fiddler, shines as well with outstanding vocals on Steal the Blue. This collection is beautifully produced, performed and arranged. April’s fiddling is fancy and a lesson in substance and expression. I look forward to hearing more from this wonderful artist.” – Sam Bush

4 June 2009 / Read

Band of Gypsies

Doug Cox, Tony McManus, April Verch and Cody Walters are the artists collectively known as Strung. Strung released their debut CD, “Band of Gypsies” in January 2009. Strung delivers an eclectic blend of roots music styles with an expressive depth and intensity.

1 January 2009 / Read