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AVB’s WUOT Podcast

Click here to hear the April Verch Band on WUOT in Knoxville, TN.  This interview was taped on November 13, 2009.

28 November 2009 / Read

We love the south!

Hey y’all! Okay, we haven’t been here long enough yet for me to start saying that for real again…but man do we love touring in the south!  This tour started last night in Bedford, VA where the locals came to see us on a Thursday night despite their football team playing and being broadcast on ESPN […]

7 November 2009 / Read

From the Bowfire bus…

Hey y’all! I’m out with Bowfire now.  So much fun!!!  We are having a great tour.  It’s a pretty extensive tour with lots of driving on the bus, good thing we all get along! The shows are going really well.  And in between everything else we’re spending our spare time preparing for our Christmas show which will […]

19 October 2009 / Read

If you’re happy and you know it…

We are having great tours everyone!  So good that I haven’t blogged too much…  As usual we’ve been busy touring, keeping up with business and life on the road and getting ready for next year!  We’re really excited about our fall tours, especially our extensive southern tour in November.  And I’m looking forward to returning […]

7 October 2009 / Read

Contest Winner Announced!

AND THE WINNER IS… Richard Byrd from South Carolina!  Congratulations Richard!  And a HUGE thanks to everyone who signed up for our email list and entered the contest – both online and at our recent concerts.  Your support means so much to us! Hey folks!  It’s contest time!  And there’s no catch…  Okay, there is kind of […]

7 October 2009 / Read

Where did the summer go?

How can it be the end of August already??!! This summer has flown by so quickly.  It’s been a very busy, extremely enjoyable and just recently much too hot for my taste summer!  Since my last entry we’ve toured in Washington state (with stops in Kenmore, Coupeville and Mt. Vernon – a fabulous little mini tour!)  […]

20 August 2009 / Read

Down the road I go…

Hey there! I am on week 4 of 4 of my current tour and landed in Seattle today!  But let me catch you up a bit on our recent adventures…  This tour started at the wonderful Palisade Bluegrass Festival in Colorado where everyone shared and enjoyed music amongst the magestic cottonwood trees.  We enjoyed listening to sets […]

7 July 2009 / Read

Welcome to my new site!

Hey everybody! Welcome to my brand new site!  I am really excited to launch my newly designed home on the complicated series of inter-connected tubes and pipes we call the internet…  I want to thank Dana Whittle of Vizou for her sharing her talent, expertise and time in designing this site and bringing it to life!  And […]

29 June 2009 / Read

New releases!

April’s newest release, Steal The Blue is now available! This highly anticipated project is the first to feature her touring band and includes familiar names like Tim Stafford, Steve Gulley, Craig Market, Larry Cordle, Ron Block, Melonie Cannon, and Patty Mitchell among the songwriters and harmony vocalists. There’s even one selection on which she’s backed […]

29 June 2009 / Read

See the April Verch Band this winter!

The April Verch Band is on the road in full force… Check April’s tour dates often to see when she’ll be in concert near you! Read more about “the band” here!

28 June 2009 / Read

Canadian Fiddle Styles book published

April has teamed up with fiddle player Brian Wicklund to write “Canadian Fiddle Styles” (for the FiddlePal Explore Series published by Mel Bay Publishing). It’s not just a tune book, it’s a method book, and it’s fabulous! Visit the books page for more info.

27 June 2009 / Read

Bluegrass Unlimited

…an effective, cohesive, and moving collection of songs spotlighting a musician who’s carved out her own niche in contemporary acoustic music. Bluegrass Unlimited

22 June 2009 / Read